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It all started in 1969 when Casa de Guerrero was founded by Alex and Helen Guerrero. Now over 40 years later in the same location, Casa de Guerrero has thrived to become a major leader in the Hispanic community. Serving Central Phoenix, South Mountain, .... 


Over the last 40 years Casa de Guerrero Realty's service, reputation and knowledge of the local markets has enabled us to successfully market millions of dollars in all types of properties.


Casa de Guerrero Realty will continue to provide professional service, expertise and knowledge in assisting you, our client with all your Real estate needs in the Phoenix Arizona market.


...a bit of history

New Firm Organized

Casa de Guerrero, a real estate firm specializing in the sale and rentals of properties south of Broadway in Phoenix, has been organized by Alex Guerrero with offices at 506 E. Southern Ave.

Guerrero has been active in local real estate for the past five years and was manager of the Woody"s Realty Phoenix office.

He was among the first Arizona salesmen to qualify last year for a real estate brokers license under the new law that became effective in 1969 requiring a minimum of 90 hours of classroom study prerequisite to taking the broker's license test.

Born in Mesa he was active in retail sales before entering real estate. 

His staff includes his wife, Helen; Leonard Robles, George Lampe, Gilbert Romero and John Guerrero.

Greeter Greeter

Alex Guerrero, of Casa Guerrero Realty, 423 N Country Club, greets Myron Boobe, member of the Mesa Chamber of Commerce membership committee, left as Teri Felix and Larry Quigley, office manager, look on.


'Far south' defended

by Mal Hernandez Real Estate Editor

Broker Guerrero has well-founded faith in growth potential of S. Phoenix are.

Translated from Spanish "guerrero" means "warier" and real estate broker Alex Guerrero is quick to do verbal battle with anyone who attempts to "poor mouth" the south Phoenix area.

Last January, after five years experience in the real estate profession Guerrero opened his own real estate firm called Casa de Guerrero with offices at 506 E Southern.

At the time he opened the office, Guerrero outlined his strong faith in the growth of the "far south" area of this city and his annoyance with those who think of south Phoenix only as a depressed are bordering the Inner City railroad track.

He pointed out that his firm specializes in the sale and rental of properties south of Broadway up to the northern slopes of the South Mountains. Most homes in the area are concentrated between 24th Street and 35th Avenue.

Two months ago, Guerrero who was among the first Arizona salesmen to qualify in 1968 for a real state broker's license under a new law that became effective that year requiring a minimum of 90 hours of classroom study prerequisite to taking the broker's license test, opened a branch office at 1709 S 16th St.

"A__ which proves," says Guerrero, "that my faith on the 'far south' section of Phoenix was warranted.

Commenting on the expression "far south" Guerrero explains that Broadway is about 3 miles south of the city's downtown area, and as far from its less desirable features as is Indian School Road.

Guerrero admits that since he opened his office, he has discovered that he hasn't has to :fight too hard" to defend the area he covers as he first expected.

"Judging from the number of persons seeking homes in the 'far south' section of town and the growing number of north-side real estate men now showing at interest in the area, my biggest problem is not defending it but finding enough homes for sale to meet the needs of my clients.

"As is true through out Phoenix and in many other parts of the nation, we have a shortage of both new and resale homes in this area.

"Most of the area has single family homes, some in subdivisions, but many custom built. There are few townhouses and very few homes or apartments for rent. Currently, there are several subdivisions being developed"

Guerrero says he has homes for sale, mostly with three bedrooms, ranging from $7,200 to $22,000 price range.

Most of this buyers are families with children who acquire new mortgages from mortgage lending firms rather then taking over existing mortgages when they make a purchase . G=He ads that most get Federal Housing Administration or veterans Administration insured mortgages and so far, all his clients have to use second mortgages.

Guerrero lists the "far south" Phoenix area's real estate assets as follows;

-Homes at lower cost then comparable dwellings in other areas in the valley and with larger lots; -Homes with horse privileges; -Homes that are easier to finance because of their lower original cost; -Less smog; -A growing number of quality, modern shopping centers with a variety of services available; -East access to downtown Phoenix via Seventh Street or Seventh Avenue, both of which have been widened and have overpasses across the downtown railroad tracks; -Easy access to anywhere in the valley or state via the nearby Maricopa Freeway and interstate highway system.

Guerrero concludes. "People are beginning to realize that South Mountain area is a good residential section with excellent views of the valley. I think the fact that a number of real estate firms located in the north section of Phoenix, and in nearby communities such as Mesa and Tempe, are beginning to list and sell homes and land here is a good omen even if it means more competition for my two offices."